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I’m Schlonda McCarthan, an experienced TV producer, content developer, a go-getter, and a fitness enthusiast. I feel so excited having you in my world, and I can’t help but say, “Welcome to My World.” It’s going to be a fun-filled ride laced with overall development in all ramifications of life.

Stick around let’s share a million things, draw out plans, and efficient strategies to help you live your dreams. It’s all about you because you matter even more than you think.

Let me take a wild guess; you’re wondering what I’m up to currently. You’re not alone! A few others have this question in mind, but here’s a quick answer! Every day, I’m bent on helping people build their dreams, start and grow careers, achieve that Bikini Body, launch TV shows as content developer, launch their brands, and shoot their offerings into the limelight. Right now, I’m fresh on the heels of the outstanding new reality show, GLOBAL BEAUTY MASTERS. It aired on Discovery Channel recently and is one of “a million things” we’re going to achieve.

Stick around to get the best! I’ll have loads of information and news to share with you as we continue on this trip.

Sounds great, huh? Tell a friend now. Let’s explore, grow, and build together.

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My Services

Multimedia Production

You’ve got a story to tell, right? Sit back, relax, and let us take the hassle upon ourselves. Our multimedia production team houses expert content developer, editors, video experts and award-winning directors. We'll help you craft contents, edit, direct and staff your next project. We can handle all your audio visual needs (pre- and post-production) and have you looking like the superstar you are!.

Leadership Mentoring

Get to discover the secrets to great leadership! True leadership goes beyond having just followers. Our leadership mentoring sessions will unveil to you, the untold secrets of leadership, push you forward, make you accountable, and ready to lead any team.
We're bent on building an array of capable leaders who can deliver anytime, any day.
Let's have some time with you now!

Business Development

If you’ve ever wondered how you could take your ideas into a profitable ventures, you’ve come to the right place. We draw on our multiple years of successful business savvy to share the knowledge gained so that you, too, can turn your business ideas into your own empire.
Let's make your dreams come alive.

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