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Virtually every project that gets completed successfully had a clear content plan and execution. Without a comprehensive and feasible content laid down, it becomes a hassle dragging projects through to completion. Schlonda M. is a brand to beckon when it comes to content development.

With several years of individual and combined experience in the filming industry and other industries, we know what it takes to help you draw out plans, put up innovative ideas, and merge ideas to ensure your project runs through successfully. Schlonda M. is a brand that believes that any project that can be thought of can be  accomplished, only with the right personnel, ideas and budget. We share a philosophy that advocates we help all our clients achieve their projects through content development. We don’t just offer template-like contents or leave you with a non-comprehensive content. 

Our commitment to offering unmatched consultancy services to our clients is second to none. We go far and beyond to study each project idea, draw up solutions to the perceived challenges, and create a comprehensive content plan on how to execute the project. Having handled several online and offline projects, including production gigs and business development strategies, Schlonda M knows how to take up, assist, and create feasible contents for any project.

Whether you need contents written for a movie project, jingle, ad, or even your small startup business, among others, you can always call on us. Your project success lies mainly on the underlying content you use, and the innovative ideas put in place – this is what we help you do. We’re committed to taking charge and creating detailed contents that are custom to your particular project and ensuring it yields the desired results. We’re not new in the game and have a track record of success and completed projects that speak for our expertise. Kindly contact us now.

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