Press review: the latest articles on intuition – October 2016

Here it is, our press review of the month on intuition and what revolves around. On the program: a Quebec radio program …

Aaron O’Connell 
Can you be at two different places at once?

A priori yes, this is what will disassemble the physicist Aaron O’connell through his experience based on the theory of quantum mechanics. Here is his speech at the famous TED conferences: giving meaning to a visible quantum object. The video is in English but you can activate French subtitles.

Aaron O’Connell is the first person to experimentally induce and measure quantum effects in the motion of a constructed object, thus making the link between quantum and the classical world.

Develop your intuitive intelligence

Here is an interesting article from the website Psychologies Magazine. It corresponds well to my conception of intuition and proposes exercises. ”  Intuition is a form of intelligence present in each of us. It is cultivated, worked and sharpened on a daily basis. Explanations and exercises to follow with confidence our inner compass. Good reading !

> Link to read the article: have a part of the rational brain that manages our learning and another that is more emotional, relational and adaptive, which is able to get out of repetitive logical constraints. Intuition would have to do with this ability to imagine answers and solutions out of “predictable logic”.Roland Jouvent – The magician brain

Intuition, our friend

I am embarking you to listen to the podcast of a Quebec radio show. Light and friendly, this short show gives us tips to identify and use our moments of intuition!

Are you able to trust that “it says inside you”? Or do you still have to make a long survey to be sure of your choices? Did you notice that at times we KNOW something without even … The post EP20 Intuition, our friend appeared first on Karine Deneault.

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